Vernly is a company from another time and place.

Our Vision & Mission

Vernly is a company from another time and place.

Our vision is the "World of Vernly" – a future imagined by Edison, Tesla, and Jules Verne; it is an Age of Optimism with exciting inventions, grand adventures, and quality craftsmanship.

Our mission is to create the World of Vernly for our customers.

Our Beliefs

The optimization of commerce over the last 200 years has brought great benefits to humanity, but it has also wrought significant harm to our bodies, minds, and the environments in which we live.

  • In our race to lower prices, we sacrificed product quality and the beauty of craftsmanship.
  • In our race to offer endless options, we sacrificed our ability to easily make purchasing decisions.
  • In our race to lower production costs, we sacrificed the natural world and our health.
  • In our race to maximize convenience, we sacrificed social connection.
  • In our race to accumulate wealth, we sacrificed our soul.

At Vernly, we seek to restore balance to commerce.

  • We offer our clients high-quality products with timeless designs.
  • We help our clients make decisions without choice paralysis.
  • We prioritize human health and the natural world.
  • We help our clients connect with people who share similar values.
  • We help our clients rediscover meaning through traditions and rituals.

Our Design

We believe that art should be a way of life and that people should be surrounded by beautiful sights and sounds.

The Vernly aesthetic comes from 1860-1914. It is mostly grounded in the heritage of La Belle Époque and spans a variety of styles – from neo-Byzantine and neo-Gothic to Classicism, Impressionism, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco.

We aspire to achieve a total work of art that unifies our products, media, and in-person experiences.

Our Products

Vernly products merge artistic research with technical skill. They are crafted to last many years, often generations. Instead of plastics, we use noble materials directly from the earth – metal, wood, and stone.